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You can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about blinds, shades, and drapes on this page. Scroll down and see if you can find the information you're looking for.

Are faux wood blinds better than hardwood ones?

Better how? That's important to distinct. Wood is a natural insulator, so it can be very good in that aspect, and there's no denying the beautiful and classic appeal that wood blinds provide. Although some people prefer using real wood, we've come a long way with faux wood substitutes and you can achieve very similar results in terms of looks and texture nowadays. The added benefit of faux wood is that it doesn't require the maintenance that its real counterpart does. Many prefer to go with faux wood blinds because cleaning and taking care of them is much simpler, and the décor enhancement they provide is often just as good as what you can get with real wood.

How are electric blinds powered?

There are usually three main methods to powering automatic window coverings. The first is to have your electric blinds hardwired, which is a more complex installation but allows you to smoothly control several sets much faster and in unison. Battery powered blinds take far less time to set up, and can work through power outages, but will move slower, and may be less aesthetically pleasing if the battery pack is concealed properly. You can also opt for solar powered blinds, that use sun-harnessing panels to operate. These are the most complex to install, and will rely on sunlight to operate (i.e. less optimal for cloudy weather and overcast skies). But they're a very energy efficient shading solution that's great for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Do sheer shades come in different variations, like room darkening and blackout?

Of course. Basically, it all depends on the type of fabric you choose. More opaque fabric will allow you to create room darkening conditions using your sheer shades. The color also plays a factor here, as some shades (of color) have a higher level of opacity than others. You can get only the backdrop sheet in room darkening fabric or the fabric vanes as well. It's up to you, and depends on how much you'd like your sheer shades to be able to darken the room when closed.


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